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Anari In Hindi 720p Torrent shakang




But when Rama wins the hearts of the people of the village, his own mother comes to the rescue, persuades him to marry again and finally gives her consent to the alliance. Storyline The story begins with the marriage of Anari (Nandita Das) and Rama (Sulabha Deshpande), a marriage which leads to a stormy life for them. Anari is a rich girl, in the lap of luxury, while Rama is a simpleton, belonging to the Scheduled Caste, who lives on the streets. There are two more characters, Ram Mohan, Anari's father, and Khumrao, a friend of Ram Mohan, who takes a liking for Anari and wants her to marry the son of a rich man. After marriage, Rama, a soldier who has been away from home for a long time, returns to the village, a villager, to marry Rani, who also lives in the village. But Rama refuses to marry her as she belongs to the Zamindar's family. Anari is shocked to hear this, for Rama was her bodyguard, who saved her life. Anari is determined to marry Rama, and then her father, after learning of this, tells her to forget the alliance. Anari refuses, and her father goes on a journey, leaving Anari all alone. Anari is taken by Khumrao, a hunter, and they go to a village nearby. Anari is shocked to see a picture of Rama, and is further shocked to see her father and Rama getting married. Anari thinks that her father has married a girl who is the daughter of a Zamindar, and marries Rama, making him her servant. Anari lives happily in Rama's house, going out only for shopping. Rama, for some time, does not know what to do, but his close friend, Dhaniram, advises him to leave her. Dhaniram is a friend of Khumrao, who tells him that Anari is rich and knows how to keep her husband in her lap. Rama accepts Dhaniram's advice and goes to Delhi. He comes to know that Anari has become a rich and wealthy woman. When Anari learns that Rama is in Delhi, she goes to the place where he is staying. Anari meets him and requests him to return. Rama is surprised to




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Anari In Hindi 720p Torrent shakang

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