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open rheostat thrower plug big end hole etc. 10. It is possible you can resolder at the contacts inside the IC, which is again very easy. But there is a catch: you have to be able to see the contacts with a voltmeter and then work at the IC area. This technique is not at all common, and even the schematic of an mnemonic IC makes it very difficult to see. 11. It is possible to shrink the footprint of the IC by a factor of three, or more, by stacking four high-current devices in series. But this also increases power consumption by a factor of three or more. 12. It is possible to stack three devices in series, but the power consumption will be 6x that of a single device. The capacitance is further increased, and this may slow down the response time. 13. If you can take a 100 uF and a 3,000 uF capacitor and weld them together, the result will be a capacitor of 1,000,000 uF. At least you will have a big capacitor! But note that there is a very large increase in capacitance without any corresponding decrease in size. 14. An electrolytic capacitor can be made that has 10,000 to 100,000 uF of capacitance in 1 mm^2. 15. Of course you can build a very big capacitor, and you can also make an oscillator that has the same voltage and current as the capacitor. (This is the technique used by Lijun Chen, for example). But the effective capacitance, and the power that can be handled, is just a fraction of the capacitance of the electrolytic capacitor. 16. Although this sounds silly, you can create an inductor by connecting the lead from the secondary winding of a transformer to a coil of wire. The inductance is determined by the number of turns, and the length of the coil of wire. (Actually, a capacitor can be created by wrapping a coil of wire around a ferrite bead, and the inductance is controlled by the number of turns of the wire). It is not possible to easily make an inductor using ferrite, because the core is too big. However, you can create an inductor with a ferrite coil if the coil can be wound around a tiny ferrite bead. 17. The frequency of a circuit is determined by the inductance and the capacitance. Therefore,



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Lionel Richie, Back To Front Full Album Zip

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